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Famous Inventions and Inventers

1. invented Light Bulb?
Thomas Who Edison

2. Who invented Telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell

3.Who invented World Wide Web [WWW]?
Tim Berners Lee

4.who invented Basketball?
James Naismith


5. Who invented Iphone?
Steve Jobs

6. Who invented Printing Press?
Johannes Gutenburg

7. Who invented Calculator?
Blaise Pascal


8. Who invented Stethoscope?
Rene Laennec

9. Who invented Sewing Machine?
Elias Howe

10. Who invented Thermometer?
Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit


11. Who invented Fountain pen?
Lewis Edson Waterman

12. Who invented X-RAYS?
Wilhelm Roentgen

13. Who invented Radio?
Guglielmo Marconi

14. Who invented Computer?
Charles Babbage


15. Who invented Roller Skates?
Jean Joseph Merlin

16. Who invented Vacuum Cleaner?
Hubert Cecil Booth

17. Who invented Fan?
Schuyler Wheeler


18. Who invented Mobile Phone?
Martin Cooper

19. Who invented Microscope?
Zacharias Janssen

20. Who invented Oven?


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