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Full Biography Of Thomas Alva Edison.

        He was Born on 11 February 1847 in the canal town of Milan. His Mother was Nancy Mattews Elliot and his Father was Samuel Odgen Edison Jr.
        From his childhood onwards he was a very Curious child. But all the people taught that he was mentally weak. His Teachers would always complaint him. And one day postman brought a letter to his mother. She opened and read it, It was from his Teacher. She read it for edison “Your son is a Genious But our School is at Lower level. And the teachers are not trained well. So it would be better to educate him your own. Then his mother gave him a book of Experiments to do from home, and she also made a small Laboratory for  him at Home. But after some days his Mother was very Angry with him and thrown out all his objects. But he have to build a new Laboratory but he don’t have enough money. So at his 12 years he started to sell Newspapers in Railway     station. And he made a small Laboratory in a small place inside the train. But one day accidently fire came out from his experiments. And all the people was angry with him. And someone beat very hard in ear, and so he was deaf slowly,but he was very Positive because he thaught he don’t want to  hear unwanted things now.  And he will get more time to do his Experiments. At his 15 years he would sell newspapers at day time and will do his experiments at night

And at last He was a world famous Scientist.
His first Invention was Universal Stuff Printer. At that time it worth 5000 dollars, but edison was ready to sell it for 3000 dollars. His famous invention was Electric Bulb. For its invention he failed almost 1000 times. But he told I didn’t fail 1000 times, there was 1000 steps to make an electric bulb. And at 1879 October 21 his bulb was kept lighten for  a whole day, and many people came to watch this. Afterall he came to his old house, and was searching for something, while he got a paper which was letter gave from his teacher to his mother, he opened and read it. It was “Your son is mentally weak. Please don’t sent him to school again” His eyes was full of tears. And his mother  died before itself.  He wrote in his diary that ‘ I,who was metally weak became a Scientist due to my Mother only’.In 1931 october 18 He died. His last words were “ I finished my life aim, now its time for my next journey, it will be very  nice there.

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