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[Class 4] General Knowledge GK Questions for Class 4

Get free GK Questions And Answers for Students of Class 4. This GK Questions include most important and basic questions which should be known by every student and is probably most asked in quiz competition and scholarship examinations for Class 4 students.

General Knowledge GK Questions should be learnet by every students to increase their basic knowledge. This GK Questions include questions from the topics like India, GK, Current Affairs, Popular Inventions, Capitals etc.

GK Questions for Class 4 Students

  1. Who is the father of our nation?

Answer: Mahatma Gandhi

  1. Who is the first President of India?

Answer: Dr Rajendra Prasad

  1. First prime minister of India

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

  1. India lies in which continent?

Answer: Asia

  1. Mount Everest located in which country?

Answer: Nepal

  1. National tree of India is?

Answer: Banyan tree

  1. Prime minister of India for the longest term?

Answer: Jawaharlal Nehru

  1. Which flower is white in colour?

Answer: Jasmine

  1. Who invented a computer?

Answer: Charles Babbage

  1. Who is known as father of Indian constitution?

Answer: Dr BR Ambedkar

  1. Agra is situated on the bank of river?

Answer: Yamuna

  1. Second prime minister of India?

Answer: Lal Bahadur Shastri

  1. Longest river in the world is?

Answer: Nile

  1. Largest island in the world is?

Answer: Green land

  1. Who is known as father of telephone?

Answer: Alexander Graham Bell

  1. Shape of egg is?

Answer: Oval

  1. Which is the most sensitive organ in our body?

Answer: Skin

  1. Young one of a cat is called?

Answer: Kitten

  1. Brain of computer is?

Answer: CPU

  1. Who discovered penicillin?

Answer: Alexander Fleming

  1. Baby of horse is called?

Answer: Colt

  1. What city is the statue of Liberty in?

Answer: New York City

  1. National animal of India?

Answer: Tiger

  1. Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?

Answer: William Shakespeare

  1. We get the solar energy from?

Answer: Sun

  1. Which animal is called the ship of the desert?

Answer: Camel

  1. How many players are there in a cricket team?

Answer: 11

  1. The National bird is?

Answer: Peacock

  1. Who is the founder of Microsoft?

Answer: Bill gates

  1. Scientific study of birds is called?

Answer: Ornithology

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