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[Class 6] General Knowledge GK Questions for Class 6

Get free GK Questions And Answers for Students of Class 6. These GK Questions include the most important and basic questions which should be known by every student and are probably most asked in quiz competition and scholarship examinations for Class 6 students.

General Knowledge GK Questions should be learned by every student to increase their basic knowledge. These GK Questions include questions from the topics like India, GK, Current Affairs, Popular Inventions, Capitals, etc.

  1. Which is the smallest country in the world?
    Answer: VaticanCit

2. In which year the Rabindranath Tagore won the ‘Nobel Prize in Literature’?

Answer: 1913

  1. Who invented the radio?

Answer: Marconi (Italy)

  1. Where is India’s first underground nuclear explosion?

Answer: In Pokhran (Rajasthan)

  1. What is the smallest gland of the human body?

Answer: Pitary

  1. Who invented the Television?

Answer: John Logie Baird

  1. Which metal is the lightest metal in world?

Answer: Lithium

  1. Name the 1st Satellite launched by India?

Answer: Aryabhata


  1. Which is the highest civilian award of the Republic of India?

Answer: The Bharat Ratna Award

  1. Which is largest freshwater lake in the world?

Answer: Lake Superior

  1. Which place is known as the tea garden of India?

Answer: Assam

  1. What is the minimum age prescribed to become the President of India?

Answer: 35 Year

  1. Which continent is known as Dark Continent?

Answer: Africa

  1. Which city in India is known as the Pink City?

Answer: Jaipur

  1. What is the full form of WWW?

Answer: World Wide Web

  1. Which is the largest plateau in the world?

Answer: Tibetan Plateau

  1. Which is the lightest gas?

Answer: Hydrogen

  1. What is the scientific name of Mango?

Answer: Mangifera indica


  1. Which is the biggest bone of the human body?

Answer: Fimar

  1. Which is largest island in the world?

Answer: Greenland

  1. World War I (WW1) ended on which date?

Answer: 11 November 1918

  1. Who compose the song “Sare jahan se acha”?

Answer: Muhammad Iqbal

  1. Which is India’s first super computer?

Answer: Param8000

  1. What is the national game of the USA?

Answer: Baseball

  1. Who gave famous slogan “Simon Commission go back”?

Answer: Lala Lajpat Rai

  1. Guwahati is situated on the bank of which river?

Answer: Brahmaputra

  1. Which country does volleyball originate from?

Answer: The USA

  1. What is the smallest bone in the human body?

Answer: Stapes (Ear bone)


  1. Which state has the longest coastal line in India?

Answer: Gujarat

  1. Who is the father of history?

.Answer: Herodotus

  1. World War ll was ended in which year?

Answer: 1945

  1. What the parliament in the USA is called?

Answer: Congress

  1. What type of whale is the biggest animal in the world?

Answer: Blue Whale

  1. Who is the father of Green Revolution?

Amswer: M S Swaminathan

  1. Which is the southernmost point of india?

Answer: Indira point

  1. In which part of the human body purification of blood takes place?

Answer: Kidney

  1. What is the full-form of CBI?

Answer: Central Bureau of Investigation

  1. Which is the largest gland in human body?

Answer: Liver


  1. Who was India’s first Deputy Prime Minister?

Answer: Vallabhbhai Patel

  1. Who is the Founders of Google?

Answer: Larry Page, Sergey Brin

  1. Which is the first linguistic state in india?

Answer: Andhra Pradesh

  1. Where the Meenakshi Temple is located?

Answer: Madurai

  1. Who is the inventor of electricity?

Answer: Benjamin Franklin

  1. What is the full form of Wifi?

Answer: Wireless Fidelity

  1. What is the capital of United Kingdom?

Answer: London

  1. Which state is known as the “Sugar bowl of India”?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

  1. How many players are there in an ice hockey team?

Answer: 6

  1. Who is the writer of Panchatantra?

Answer: Vishnu Sharma


  1. Which rocket will carry Chandrayaan-2 into the space?

Answer: GSLV Mk-III

  1. Who is the chairman of Niti aayog?

Answer: The Prime minister of India

  1. Who is the composer of the national anthem of Bangladesh?

Answer: Rabindranath Tagore

  1. On which river the Uri dam is constructed?

Answer: Jhelum

  1. What is the name of the highest mountain in Asia?

Answer: Mount Everest

  1. ‘Tsunami’ is a word in which language?

Answer: Japanese

  1. Bogibeel Bridge (Assam) stand over which river?

Answer: Brahmaputra

  1. In 1971, Bangladesh separated from which country?

Answer: Pakistan

  1. Who is considered the father of Sitar and Tabla?

Answer: Amir Khusro

  1. LED stands for what?

Answer: Light Emitting Diode


  1. Who was India’s first President?

Answer: Dr. Rajendra Prasad

  1. Who is the 14th President of India?

Answer: Ram Nath Kovind

  1. Which is the newly formed Union territory of India?

Answer: Jammu & Kashmir, and


  1. What unit is used to measure the weight of gems and purity of gold?

Answer: Carat

  1. What is the part of brain that helps the body balance?

Answer: Cerebellum

  1. Which instrument is used to measure Atmospheric pressure?

Answer: Barometer

L65. Between which two oceans do Australia lies?

Answer: The Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean

  1. What is the capital of Sri Lanka?

Answer: Colombo


  1. Panama Canal link which two oceans?

Answer: Atlantic and Pacific

  1. What is the 2nd largest country in the world by area?

Answer: Canada

  1. What is the time taken by sunlight to reach the earth?

Answer: 8 minutes and 3 seconds


  1. What is the full form of RAM in a computer?

Answer: Random Access Memory

  1. In which year, the Indian Constitution was amended for the first time?

Answer: 195

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