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Earth Day Quiz 2022|Earth Day Quiz in English

On which day is Earth day celebrated?

22 April

When was the first Earth day observed?

1970 April 22

Approximately how old is the Earth ?

4.5 Billion years

The Siberian traps are remnants of what sort of activity on Earth, occurring 250 million years’ ago?


Volcanic Activity

What % of the Earth is covered in water?

70 %

What is the layer of the Earth between the crush and the core called?


Compared with average regions around the Earth, Hudson bay in Canada has a lower level of what?



What is the % of oxygen in our environment?


Which is the layer of the planet Earth where life exists?


What structures are often referred to as the “Rainforests of the sea”?

Coral Reefs


What is a chemical combination of silicon and oxygen?


What chiefly dictates the tidal patterns on Earth?

The Moon

What is the theme of Earth day 2020?

Climate action

What is the theme of Earth day 2021?


Restore our Earth

What is the movement of Soil,minerals and rock from one place to another called ?


What disaster led to founding of Earth day?

An oil spill off the coast of California

The tropic of cancer is situated in the north or South of the equator?



Which gas is made up of molecules that are formed by three oxygen atoms?


How many years does plastic takes to decompose?

1000 years

The first Earth day celebrations took place in?



What is the type of natural environment in which a particular species of organism lives?


According to popular belief, what shape was the Earth thought to be before the expedition of Christopher Columbus?


Which is the surface of the sun visible from Earth called?


Who is considered the founder of Earth day?


Gaylord Nelson

Which is a place in space where gravity pulls so much that even light can not get out?

A Black Hole

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