Environment Day Quiz 2022

When is the World Environment day celebrated ?

June 5

What is the message of World Environment Day 2022?

Only One Earth

Which country will host the World Environment Day 2022?


What is the theme for Environment Day in 2021?

Ecosystem Restoration

Which country is hosting the World Environment Day in 2021?



A venture to mobilize and market forest resources?


Who is known as “Mother of Indian Environmental Science”?

Medha Patkar

Which of these bird sanctuaries is known as the lung of Kochi?

Mangala Forest


Which of these is the northernmost sanctuary in Kerala ?

Aralam wildlife sanctuary

Who is the inventor of organic farming?

Masanova Fukuoka

In which year was Environment Day first celebrated?



Which is the largest Earth Dam in Kerala?

Banasura Sagar Dam

Which is the organic district of Kerala?


Where is the world’s largest rainforest?

Amazon forests

Who is Kerala’s first environmental activist?

Prof. John C Jacob


Which is the largest district in Kerala for agriculture use?


Where is the headquarters of the Botanical Survey of India?


In which year the Environmental protection Act was introduced?



Who was the head of the commission appointed by the central government to review the Mahav Gadil report?

Kasturi Gangan

Where is Asia’s first Butterfly safari park?

Tenmala (Kollam)

In which year did India host the World Environment day?


Name the field of study of soil?



Which is the first Environmental magazine in Kerala ?


Kallen Pokkutan is famous for protecting which plants?

Mangrove tree

When is World Forest day?



Which movement is known as mother of Environmental movement?

Chipco movement

Which district has the highest Mangrove (kandal forest) forest cover of Kerala?


Who is known as father of modern Environment?

Yujin P Odd


What is the name of the agriculture program broadcast through the educational channel Victors?


Who is known as Father of Indian

Environment Science?

R Mishra

Which is the first national park in India?

Jim Corbett National park (Uttarakhand)


Which was the first hospital built for birds in India?

The charity Birds hospital (New Delhi)

The year that the stamp with the Neelakurinji was released?


Whose Birthday is celebrated as National Farmers’ Day?

Charan Singh

Which was the first district in Kerala to issue a Biodiversity Register?



Why was June 5 chosen as World Environment Day?

The UN Conference on the Human Environment (UNCHE) convenes in Stockholm, Sweden on June 5, 1972

Which was the first country to introduce a Parliamentary Act on Climate Change?


When was the Green Revolution launched in India?


Where is Chernobyl, the site of the world’s largest nuclear disaster?

Kiev, the capital of Ukraine

Which was the first organic village in Kerala?



In which field is the Medini Award associated?


In which year did Chernobyl experience the world’s largest nuclear disaster?

April 2, 1986

When was the Bhopal gas tragedy?

December 3, 1984

Who started the Save Himalayan Movement?

Sunderlal Bahuguna

Which is the most forested state in India?


Madhya Pradesh

Which is the most mangrove forested state in India?

West Bengal

Which is the most forested district in Kerala?


Which is the least forested district in Kerala?


Which was the first biosphere reserve in India?

Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

Which was the first wildlife sanctuary in Kerala?


Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

Which Indian state is the epicenter of the Appiko Movement?


Which district has the largest number of National Parks in Kerala?


Which book was written by Rachel Carson about the beginning of the world environmental movement?

Silent spring

Which World Environment Organization is also known as ‘Environmental Commandos’?


Which African-born environmental activist won the Nobel Prize?


Wangari Matai (Kenya)

Where is the headquarters of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP)?

Nairobi (Kenya)

What is the full form of W.W.F?

World Wide Fund for Nature

Who is known as the founder of the Chipko movement?

Sunderlal Bahuguna

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