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[Class 9] General Knowledge GK Questions for Class 9

Get free GK Questions And Answers for Students of Class 9 These GK Questions include the most important and basic questions which should be known by every student and are probably most asked in quiz competition and scholarship examinations for Class 9 students.

General Knowledge GK Questions should be learned by every student to increase their basic knowledge. These GK Questions include questions from the topics like India, GK, Current Affairs, Popular Inventions, Capitals, etc.

  1. What is the coldest ocean on Earth?

Answer: Atlantic

  1. Which is the instrument used to measure Blood pressure?

Answer: Sphygmomano meter

  1. Which animal never drink water in its entire life?

Answer: Kangaroo rat

  1. Which planet is known as the Red planet?

Answer: Mars

  1. Origami was originated from which country?

Answer: Japan

  1. In which year Bangladesh was formed as separate country?

Answer: 1971

  1. ‘Stars and Stripes’ is the nickname of the flag of which country?

Answer: United States of America

  1. Tokyo is the capital city of which country?

Answer: Japan

  1. Which language is used by the computer to process Tata?

Answer: Binary language

  1. What is the longest cell?

Answer: Nerve cell

  1. Global warming is caused by the excess of which type of gas?

Answer: Carbon dioxide

  1. what concept names Akash, Nag, Agni, Dhanush?

Answer: Missile

  1. Who is the father of Indian space program?

Answer: Vikram Sarabhai

  1. Green planet in solar system?

Answer: Uranus

  1. What is the formula of ammonia?

Answer: NH3

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