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India general knowledge

Who is the 1st citizen of India ?


Who is the 2nd citizen of India?

Vice -president

Who is the 3rd citizen of India?

Prime minister

Which is India’s highest sports award?

Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award

Who was the first Indian field Marshal?

Jamshedji manekshaw


Who was the first woman prime minister of India ?

Indira Gandhi

Who was the first woman Lok Sabha speaker of India?

Mera Kumar

Who was the first woman chief minister of India?

Sucheta Kriplani

Which is the largest state in India?


Which is the smallest states in India?



How long does the Earth rotate in a circle?

365.25 days

How many months in every single year?

12 Months

How many days in every single week?

7 Days

What is the total number of characters in the Hindi alphabet?


Which of the following is a Hindi script?



How many Indian states have the Hindi language?


Who is the first female chief justice of India?

Fathima beevi

When the Indian peoples celebrate independence Day?

15 August

When we celebrate our Indian Republic Day?

26 January

Who is the composer of the Indian National song?

Bankim Chandra Chatterjee


Who composed the Indian National anthem?

Rabindranath Tagore

How many spokes in the national flag of India?

24 spokes

Where is the Wular Lake situated in India?

Jammu and Kashmir

Bihu is one of the most popular dance of which Indian state?


Where is the Pushkar Lake situated in India?



What is the longest river in India?

Ganga river

Who built the Red Fort in Delhi?


When we celebrate the Indian Post Day?

9th October

Jaspal Rana is related to which game?


What is the national song of India?

Vande Mataram


Who is the highest mountain in India ?


Who was the first female IPS officer in India?

Kiran Bedi

National Youth Day is celebrated on which date of the following?

January 12

On what date is the National Army Day celebrated?

January 15

On which date is the National Sports Day celebrated?

August 29


Hindi day is celebrated?

September 14

What is the national flower of India?


Which language is used most in Maharashtra?


Which is the largest lake in India?

Wular Lake

When we celebrate the Indian Navy day?

4 December


Which is the oldest Veda

The Rig Veda

Which Veda’s part is Ayurveda

Atharva Veda

Who wrote Keralapanineeyam

AR Rajaraja Verma

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