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Ozone Day Quiz- 2021

When is World Ozone Day?

September 16

From which year did the United Nations (UN) observe September 16 as World Ozone Day?

September 16, 1994

Ozone Day is celebrated by which UN agency?

UNEP (United Nations Environment Program)

Ozone Day message for 2021?

Montreal Protocol – Keeping us, our food and vaccines cool “

What is the message of Ozone Day 2020?

Ozone for life: 35 Years of ozone layer protection


In which year was September 16 declared as the Ozone Layer Protection Day by the United Nations General Assembly?


Ozone Day is celebrated in Kerala under the auspices of which organization?

State Science and Technology Environment Committee (STEC Thiruvananthapuram)

Which atmospheric zone contains the ozone layer?


Which layer of the atmosphere is known as the ‘House of Mankind’?


How high is the ozone layer above the earth?

20 to 35 km


Which German scientist discovered ozone gas in 1839 and named it ozone?

Christine Frederick Shawn Bain

Christine Frederick Sean Bain was a professor at which university?

University of Basel in Switzerland

The word ozone is derived from which Greek word?


What is the meaning of the Greek word ocean?


What is the color of ozone?

Light blue


Who were the French physicists who discovered the ozone layer in 1913?

Charles Fabry, Henry Bison

In which part of the earth was the ozone hole first discovered?

In the Antarctic region

At what point in the Antarctic is the ozone layer most visible?

In the summer

Who were the first scientists to discover the ozone layer?

Joy Farman, Bean Gardiner, Jonathan Shanklin

How long can an ozone molecule last?

An hour


How do plants absorb ozone?

Through the leaves

What is known as ‘tri – oxygen’?


Ozone is mainly made up of which substance?

Nitrogen dioxide

Ozone is formed from which substance?

3 oxygen atoms

Who Discovered Oxygen?

Joseph Priestley


Who gave the name ‘Oxygen’?

Anton Laurent Laosier

What is the atomic number of oxygen?

8 (eight)

What is the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere?


What is the disease that causes ozone depletion in humans?


Which instrument is used to record ozone levels?



Who Invented the Spectrometer?

GMB Dobson

In which unit is the amount of ozone in the atmosphere recorded?

Dobson unit

Who was the British scientist who pioneered the establishment of the World Ozone Observatory chain between 1928 and 1958?

GMB Dobson

Which of the following countries has signed an agreement for the protection of the ozone layer?

Montreal Protocol

In which year was the Montreal Protocol signed?

September 16, 1987


When did the Montreal Protocol come into being?

January 1, 1989

How many countries have so far signed the Montreal Protocol?


How many countries were the first to sign the Montreal Protocol?


Montreal is in which country?


When did India sign the Montreal Protocol?

September 17, 1992


In which country was the Montreal Protocol signed on September 16, 1987?


Which is known as the most successful environmental agreement?

Montreal Protocol

What is used to disinfect mineral water?

Ultraviolet rays and ozone

What is found in photochemical smog?


Who is the scientist who discovered how the ozone molecule is formed?

Sidney Chapman


Another name for the ozone cycle?

Chapman wheel

How does ozone depletion affect plants?

Stunting the growth of plants

When is the ozone concentration highest?


Why is there an increase in ultraviolet radiation in summer?

As the earth gets closer to the sun

What is the so-called blanket of the earth?

Ozone layer


Which satellite is constantly monitoring the ozone hole?

TOMS (Total Ozone Mapping Spectrometer)

Which ultraviolet light causes sunburn and cancer?


Which deadly radiation in the ozone layer is blocked by the ozone layer?

Ultraviolet radiation

How are the ultraviolet rays of sunlight classified?


Which clouds cause damage to the ozone layer?

Necrosis clouds


Which spacecraft was launched to detect ozone?


When was the first hole in the ozone layer discovered?


Which year recorded the largest depletion of the ozone layer?


Which is the main chemical that causes pores in the ozone layer?


By what name are the substances that cause the breakdown of the ozone layer known?



Where was the harmful effect of ozone on plants first reported?

Los Angeles (1944)

Which plant releases ozone during photosynthesis?


Which compound causes ozone depletion?

CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon)

What is the full form of CFC?


Who Invented Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)?

Thomas Midgley


What is the trade name for CFC (Chlorofluorocarbon)?


Which element in chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) harms the ozone layer?


Which country was the first to impose a carbon tax on chlorofluorocarbons emitting cracks in the ozone layer?

New Zealand

What is the chemical name of ozone?


What is the natural phenomenon of ozone production in the atmosphere?



Where was the harmful action of ozone in humans first reported?

Los Angeles (1950)

What is the so-called ‘umbrella of the earth’?

Ozone layer

What is the phenomenon that scientists have recently discovered that causes the ozone layer to close?

Polar vertex

Which EU atmospheric monitoring system?

CAMS (Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service)

When was the Vienna Convention held?



Which shield protects the earth from ultraviolet rays?

Ozone layer

What is the full form of ODP?

Ozone Depleting Potential

Ozone is an allotropy of which?


How many oxygen atoms are there in an ozone molecule?

3 oxygen atoms

Which crop suffers from excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays?



At what age is ozone most affected in humans?


International conference on the protection of the ozone layer was first discussed by?

Vienna Conference (1985)

Who was the first Dutch scientist to identify ozone gas?

Martinez Vanmaram

Ozone molecules combine to form ozone molecules, and when ultraviolet light strikes, ozone decomposes and turns back into oxygen. What is this known as?

Ozone- Oxygen cycle

Which was the first amendment to the Montreal Protocol?

London Amendment


Ozone Day Quiz- 2021 | ExamStudy

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