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English Speech On Teacher’s Day

We all celebrate teacher’s day. Hope many of us don’t know why this day is selected as our teacher’s day. Let’s get to the main topic, Teachers inspire us to proceed forward, build our ethics, and prepare us to withstand obstacles in our life. On this, day teachers are honored through various functions and these functions are celebrated at every place throughout the country.

The government also pays respect to them by giving different awards. On this day, we express our thanks and honor them by saying, -we are grateful to you dear teachers for all you do for In India, 5th September is celebrated as Teaches’ Day as a mark of tribute to the contribution made by teachers to the society.

5th September is the birthday of a great teacher Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, who was a staunch believer of education, and was the well-known diplomat, scholar, President of India When Dr. Radhakrishnan became the President of India in 1962, he was approached by some of his students and friends and requested him to allow them to celebrate 5th September, his “Birthday”.

In reply, Dr.Radhakrishnan said, “Instead of celebrating my birthday separately, it would be my proud privilege if September 5 is observed as Teachers’ Day”. The request showed Dr.Radhakrishnan’s love for the teaching profession. From then onwards, the day has been observed as Teachers’ Day in India.

One of the most celebrated writers in modem India today his work varies on philosophical, theological, ethical, educational, social, and cultural subjects. He contributed numerous articles to different well-known journals, which, are of immense value and seem to surprise various readers because of the depth in the meaning of the articles. Teachers mold the lives that they influence because the lessons learned from teachers remain with their students throughout life. We should always respect our teachers.

Teachers need encouragement and support from the community to feel that their devotion to students is appreciated. Teachers’ Day is now one of the occasions that are looked forward to by the teachers and students alike as on this occasion it’s not only when teachers are praised but also around various schools students dress up as a representation of their teachers and take various lectures that are assigned to the teachers they represent.

As the day passes the students perform the regular activities that are performed by the teachers. On this day students realize what it means to be a teacher and what it means to control the future of several students in their classes and also teachers are reminded what it felt like when they were the students.

Apart from the fun aspect of the day, it is also a day when one can look back, admire, and get inspired by Dr. Radhakrishnan, a small town cunning boy, who grew up to become one of the most respected politicians in the history of democracy of India. A good teacher is like a candle – it consumes itself to light the way for others.


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