Olympics News – India 06/08/2021

India secured 5 olympic Medals. 3 Silver medals and 3 Bronze medals in
Different sports.

Silver Medalists

1.Mirabai Chanu  in weightlifting.
She won the silver medal at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in Womens’ 49 kg

2. Ravi Kumar Dahiya in Wrestling.
He won the silver medal at the 2020
Tokyo Olympics in 57 kg.

Bronze Medalists

1. PV Sindhu in Badminton.
She also secured Silver medal in Rio Olympics at 2016.

2. Lovlina Borgohain in Boxing.
She secured Bronze medal in welterweight category at the Tokyo Olympics

3. Indian Men’s Hockey Team secured 
Bronze medal in Field Hockey.
Indian Hockey team is securing medal
In olympics after 41 years.
Team Examstudy

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